My name is Amalie.
I am a Master student in Copenhagen and this is my design portfolio.


The following is an overview of designs I have worked on alogn with projects I have participated in through my course of study.



Website design for the IT company Crunch IT.



Startup company where I made an app with two other students.


Cecilie S. L.

During an exam my group and I designed a portfolio for the model Cecilie S. L.


Danske Bank

As a student worker in the IT department in Danske Banks I was part of a redesign of an internal documentation platform.

Professional goals

When I finish my education as a Master of Science in Information Technology in the summer of 2017, I want to be working more intensely with IT systems and their user satisfaction and general user experience design.

I have a passion for good user experiences and I love to be able to contribute to creating new things. Especially if those things help people in their actions and make their world just a little bit easier.

Here is where the two fields IT and Communication meet in my course of study in order to create a link between the people developing IT systems and the people who are using them afterwards. This potential is what I am passionate about realizing.

Contact me

If you currently need someone with my profile for an exciting project I would love to hear from you.

I am reachable via e-mail on amalie@strandly.dk.

Furthermore, you can find me on LinkedIn: